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  • PHOENIX, The Cultural Fest


    Embracing the artistic bequest, Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi every year hosts the Youth and cultural Festival "PHOENIX" here in tri-city making it the biggest artistic celebrations among Delhi University.

    A blend of cultural ethnicity enfolding different creative genres will be displayed during this five day cultural extravaganza celebrating the cultural depth of Indian society. Showcasing music, dance and creative arts, alongside national cuisine, and sideshows. Each year the festival involves over 200 creative arts, cultural, and community groups making MLNC Fest one of the grandiose cultural affairs in the Delhi University. This year is set to be the greatest celebration in the history of MLNC.

    When merchants of Sufi music, Salim- Suleman hits the beat you ought to groove. Stage that has footprints of megastars like Papon, J-Star, Milind Gaba , Karan Sehambi, The Landers is witnessed by a huge crowd.

    With every face smiling, with every leg shaking, with every hand in the air we see the efforts of students union as an organizers bear fruit. A team of individual that is capable enough to bring out such a big fest standing on the last of PHOENIX day smiling to their heart's content because it is they who bear it like a child.