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  • Students Union of Motilal Nehru College

    The student union of motilal Nehru college consists of six members, they being, the president, the vice President, secretary, joint secretary and two central councilors. The union is elected through direct voting by the students of the college and a fair chance is given to all deserving candidates. The main issues with which the union deals with are the general issues of the students in the college. They try to provide all possible facilities to the students during their tenure and leave some legacy for the coming batches. The union also conducts the fresher's and the annual fest of the college in which they try to indulge the whole college in interactive activities as well as allowing other colleges to participate in them. The main issues of the students which also become agenda for the union that they try to resolve in their tenure mainly consist of the hygiene issues, water issues, books and other problems that a student might face in the college. The union acts as the link between the management and the students of the college taking issues of the students to the management and trying to get them resolved. In other words, the union members are the representatives of the college students to the management. They come from different departments, different years and work together as a whole to make the college better every year. The consent of the union members is important in each and every matter related to the college and they try to cooperate in every possible manner.

    Union Members for Session (2023-24) are: -->
    Dimple - President

    Mobile: 9896060860

    Email: dimplebeniwal860@gmail.com
    Khushi Jain - Vice President

    Mobile: 7206540448

    Email: kjain5349@gmail.com
    Sanchit Bindal - Secretary

    Mobile: 9334738008

    Email: dsnchitbindal1024@gmail.com
    Priyanshu Mahamna - Joint Secretary

    Mobile: 9971823539

    Email: priyanshumahamna@gmail.com
    Shubham Dangi - Central Councilor

    Mobile: 7878687273

    Email: shubhamdangi0216@gmail.com
    Kunal Bhadana - Central Councilor

    Mobile: 9953499629

    Email: kunal0029gurjar@gmail.com

    Union Members for Session (2019-20) are:
    Monika - President


    Email: monikayadavbanker@gmail.com
    Manali Sharma - Vice President


    Email: manalisharma221@gmail.com
    Vanshaj Tyagi - Secretary


    Email: vanshajtyagi2910@gmail.com
    Radheshyam Vishnoi - Joint Secretary


    Email: radhevishnoi29@rediffmail.com
    Jatin Yadav - Central Councilor


    Email: mjyadav0007@gmail.com
    Mohd. Arbaz - Central Councilor


    Email: arbazmohd116@gmail.com

    Union Members for Session (2018-19) are:
    Mridul Sharma - President


    Email: sharmamridul20400@gmail.com
    Linima Phalswal - Vice President


    Email: plinima@gmail.com@gmail.com
    Rajan Kumar Gupta - Secretary


    Email: rajankrgupta2@gmail.com
    Kritik Sehrawat - Joint Secretary


    Email: kritiksherawat25@gmail.com
    Robin - Central Councilor - 1


    Email: robinsardana30@gmail.com
    Krishn Upadhyay - Central Councilor - 2,
    Executive Concillor DUSU


    Email: krishnmlnc@gmail.com
    Union Members for Session (2017-18) are:
    Shubham Yadav - President
    Aayushi Chaudhary - Vice President
    Sachin Tomar - Secretary
    Manish Kumar - Joint Secretary
    Sagar Lakra - Central Councilor
    Naveen Yadav- Central Councilor
    Union Members for Session (2016-17) are:
    • Devender Kumar - President
    • Ruchi Bisht - Vice President
    • Anoop Singh - Secretary
    • Beauty Kumari - Joint Secretary
    • Mohit Lal - Central Councilor
    • Shivani Rawat- Central Councilor
    Union Members for Session (2015-16) are:
    • Devesh Singh - President
    • Kritika Singh - vice President
    • Sehdev malik - secretary
    • Tanuj rana - joint secretary
    • Vishal upadhyay - central councilor
    • Sagar- central councilor