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    MARKULT -- The Marketing Society of Motilal Nehru College

    Motilal Nehru College (Day), known as a prestigious college of South Campus, University of Delhi, offers numerous opportunities for students to grow and develop. The commerce department students have formed a society called "Markult: The Marketing Society" to explore beyond their textbooks and learn new things. Markult is one of the most active societies in Motilal Nehru College, with a primary objective to encourage students to develop their marketing knowledge and showcase it through various competitions.

    The Marketing Society of Motilal Nehru College was effectively re-established in September 2022 with the help of its founding members - Ayush Agarwal, Palak Raj and Dewang Singh Chauhan, and convener, Dr. Ekta Duggal. The society aims to provide a platform for students interested in marketing, career development, networking, and learning. The society organizes events and activities to give students real-world experience and develop their marketing skills. The ultimate goal is to encourage innovation and creativity among the members and raise awareness of marketing's significance in today's fast-paced business environment.

    Markult offers students an opportunity to learn about various marketing-related topics such as event planning, social media marketing, market research, branding, and more. Students gain industry insights by participating in workshops, seminars, and working closely with industry experts on the latest marketing techniques and trends. One of the ways that the society engages with students is by regularly conducting competitions and events. These events can range from case study competitions to guest speaker events, and they offer a range of benefits to students. For one, they provide an opportunity for students to apply their marketing knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, which can help them build their confidence and gain practical experience. Additionally, competitions and events often offer opportunities for networking and connecting with industry professionals, which can be invaluable for students looking to build their careers in marketing. Overall, Markult's competitions and events are a valuable part of the student experience, providing a platform for learning, growth, and community building.

    Markult comprises of five departments: Finance, Research & Development, Operations, Social Media, and Corporate Relations. Each department is led by two departmental heads who oversee departmental operations and ensure the society runs smoothly. All members of the society are a part of two departments, giving them an opportunity to learn and hone different marketing skills. The advisory board, under the convenor's aegis, monitors the society's general operations, provides advice, and supports department heads and members. The unique organizational structure of the society allows members to advance their marketing knowledge and skills.

    The society plans to continue providing opportunities for its members to learn, advance and sharpen their marketing skills. Its mission is to become a preeminent platform for marketing innovation and foster a culture of excellence and innovation in the field of marketing. The society aims to motivate upcoming generations of marketers by organizing more events, workshops, and seminars and working with industry pros and other institutions.

    For Queries, Contact:-

      Dr. Ekta Duggal (Convener):
      Mobile No.- 9899042328